The Journal of the International Double Reed Society
e-edition: VOL. 26, 1998

ISSN 0741-7659

Ronald Klimko and Daniel Stolper, Editors
e-edition edited by Yoshiyuki Ishikawa
© International Double Reed Society Idaho Falls, Idaho, U.S.A. ­ 1998

Table of Contents

Title Page, Officers, Table of Contents

The History of the IDRS - Part III

Compiled and Edited by Ronald Klimko

Chapter 5

  1. Message from the President ... Marc Fink
  2. IDRS 1999: Madison
  3. IDRS Membership Application
  4. Constitution of the International Double Reed Society
  5. The Miller Dances the Right Steps at Last ... James Brown
  6. An Annotated Bibliography of Canadian Music for Oboe, Oboe d’Amore, English horn and Bass Oboe found in the Canadian Music Centre ... Dr. Sarah Hamilton
  7. Antonio Torriani and the XIX Century Milanese Bassoon School ... Andrea Toschi
  8. Wind Chamber Music: Winds with Piano and Woodwind Quintets, An Annotated Guide by Barbera Secrist-Schmedes A Review ... Rebecca Kemper Scarnati
  9. Bassoon Lessons with Arnold Schwarzenegger, or What I Did on my Summer Vacation ... Terry B. Ewell
  10. Mozart's Oboe Concerto in C Major, K. 271k/285d/314 ... Everett Hafner
  11. Friedrich Kulow (1853-1939), a Less Known Maker of Woodwinds ... Dr. Klaus Gillessen
  12. A Bibliography of Sources Pertaining to the Oboe Reed: ts Manufacture, Physical Aspects, and Ethereal Qualities ... Keri E. McCarthy
  13. Dispelling the Myths: The Opening Bassoon Solo to The Rite of Spring ... James A. Grymes
  14. Bassoon Lite Please ... Alan Goodman
    Bassoon Lessons
    The Suspect
  15. Dental Implants for Woodwind Players ... by Blair A. M. Tindall
  16. Obituaries: Dr. John H. Schnabel - Bertha Karp Schoenbach
  17. Message from the Executive Secretary-Treasurer ... Norma R. Hooks
  18. Lowry Riggins
  19. Lost Sheep
  20. Contributing Members
  21. Stolen Oboes and Bassoon

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