Ewell, Terry B. "Gethsemane for Solo Bassoon." At the start of the work, vary the width of the half-hole opening depending on the note. The lower pitches need almost a full opening, the highest pitches speak best with about 1/4 venting. Page 2 lines 5-6. The chromatics here can be simplified with the left-hand only A4 (high A) and a judicious use of the A4-Bb4 trill fingering:

A4:                 A4-Bb4 trill:

    Eb               Eb
x x x | o o o    x x tr | o o x 
 a c#              a c#

For instance, in line 5, measure 2 on the second beat use just the left-hand high A. Line 5, measure 3, beat 1 use the trill fingering for the A4-A#4-A4 combination. The success of the multiphonics on page 2 depends in large measure upon the embouchure position on the reed. Page 3, line 1. The Bb3-A3 glissando is made with the embouchure (though finger the A when you arrive). The E2-F2 glissando is made by slowing raising the pancake (E) key.

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