Françaix, Jean. Serenade for Small Orchestra, eight measure solo. Cooper, L. Hugh. The Double Reed 1/3 (December 1978): 30. Cooper recommends a high note bocal and reed for the passage. Flick L. H. A key for slur down to A3. For slur up to Eb4 use Cooper p. 192. For bassoons without high E key (G trill key) use Cooper p. 356 for E5 and Cooper p. 361 for F5. For bassoons with high E key use Cooper p. 355 for E5. For F5 L. H.: thumb A key; high E key (G trill), cover C hole; Eb key. R. H.: thumb Bb key; C# trill key; little finger Ab key.

x x o | o x x

E5 without E key:     F5 without E key:
/ x x | x x x         1/4 x o | x x x Ab
  c#                      c#   Bb

E5 with E key:      F5 with E key:
e (eb)Eb            e(eb)Eb c#
 o o x | o o o Ab    o o x | o o o Ab
d                       a   Bb

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