Ravel, Maurice. Piano Concerto in G, E5 in solo. Beasley, Rule. In Klimko, Ronald. Bassoon Performance Practices and Teaching in the United States and Canada. Idaho: University of Idaho, 1974, p. 63. L. H.: thumb D and C# keys; half-hole E hole, cover D and C holes. R. H.: cover B and A holes; G key.

/ x x | x x x

Ravel, Maurice. Piano Concerto in G, C#5 and E5 in solo. Cooper, L. Hugh. The Double Reed 1/2 (October 1978): 13. For the C#5 approach use Cooper p. 331 with the D speaker key. Release the D and C speaker keys before the fingering shift to E5.

C#5:                   E5:
     Eb                 eb Eb 
 x o x | x o x         o o x | o o o Ab
d c                       a   Bb

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