Stravinsky, Igor. Firebird Suite, Ewell, Terry B. (27 July 1996). For Danse infernale du roi kastchei 1 before rehearsal number 12 to 4 after 13 (see music below). Eb4-F4 trill use Cooper p. 220 trill fingering with the R. H. Eb key. At rehearsal number 12 for the B4-C#5-B4 turn around use the bottom R. H. trill fingering in Cooper p. 304.

Eb4-F4:          B4 (turn around):   C#5 (turn around):
    Eb               Eb                  Eb
o o o | x x x    x x o | x x o F     o o o | x x o F
                 c      Bb           c

Measures 2 and 4 after reheasal number 12. For A4 use Cooper p. 279.

x x x | o o o
  a c#

Measure 6 after rehearsal number 12 and the second measure of reheasal number 13. For Bb4-C5-Bb4 turn around use bottom R. H. trill fingering on Cooper p. 292. For the measure at rehearsal number 13 use normal fingerings.

Bb4 (turn around):        C5 (turn around):
    Eb                         Eb
x x x | o x o F            x o o | o x o F
  a c#                       a c#

For the treacherous passage 3-4 after rehearsal number 13 apply equal amounts of practice and prayer to the recommended fingerings below. The third bar of rehearsal number 13 for the Ab4 on the first beat use Cooper p. 263 without the whisper key and vented E hole. Finger the following Bb4 normally. For the A4 in the second beat use Cooper p. 279. In the fourth measure after rehearsal number 13 use the previous Ab4 fingering and for the D5 use Cooper p. 339.

Ab4:               A4:              D5:
    Eb                 Eb                Eb
x x x | o o o F    x x x | o o o     o o x | o o o
                     a c#           d

Berceuse opening solo at number 1. For Bb3 add L. H. Db key to Cooper p. 147 to keep down the pitch and enter softly. To move to Db4 use Cooper p. 173 for smoothest transition from Bb3 (Norman Herzberg).

Bb3:             Db4:
x x x | x x o    x x x | x x x F
       Bb           c#  Bb

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