Stravinsky, Igor. Pulcinella, Gavotta--sixth movement. Ewell, Terry B. (20 August 1994). Three after rehearsal number 76 for slur to D5 use Cooper p. 339. In variation 2a, at rehearsal number 83 for B3-G#4-F#4-G#4 use Cooper p. 263 for G#4 and Cooper p. 233 for F#4. In the next measure also use the same fingerings for G#4 and F#4, for E#4 use Cooper p. 216.

D5:                   G#4:
     Eb                     Eb
 o o x | o o o        3/4 x x | o o o F
d                         (w)

F#4:                  E#4:
    Eb                    Eb
o x x | x x o F       o x x | x x o

Stravinsky, Igor. Pulcinella, first movement. Houser, Roy. BPP1, p. 64. E4-F#4. Same as E4-F#4 on Cooper p. 203 except no L. H. Eb key. F#4-G4. Similar to F#4-G4 trill on Cooper p. 228 except L. H. D speaker key instead of whisper key. G4-A4. Same as first G4-A4 trill on Cooper p. 244 except no L. H. Eb key.

E4-F#4:                   F#4-G4:
x o x | x tr tr           1/2 x x | x o o F-tr

1/2  x  x  | x o o F
 a-tr c#-tr

Stravinsky, Igor. Pulcinella, fifth movement Toccata, three measures after 69, C#5. Porwit, Timothy. In Apfelstadt, Marc and Klimko, Ronald. Bassoon Performance Practice, Teaching Materials, Techniques and Methods. Idaho: University of Idaho, 1993, p. 60. Similar to Cooper p. 331 but add right thumb Bb key and right hand F key.

x o x | x o x F
 c     Bb

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