Bb4-C5. Ewell, Terry B. (20 August 1994).

x x tr |(x) x o F
 a c#

Bb4-C5. de Gomar, Juan. In Apfelstadt, Marc and Klimko, Ronald. Bassoon Performance Practice, Teaching Materials, Techniques and Methods. Idaho: University of Idaho, 1993, p. 55.

    Eb                     Eb
x x o | x x o F        x o o | x x o F
c                      c

Bb4-C5. Houser, Roy. In Klimko, Ronald. Bassoon Performance Practices and Teaching in the United States and Canada. Idaho: University of Idaho, 1974, p. 64.

 x x x | x x x F       x x o | x x o F
d       Bb            d       Bb

Bb4-C5. Timm, Everett LeRoy. The Woodwinds; Performance and Instructional Techniques. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1964, p. 177.

x tr tr | tr tr tr F
  a c#

"Release A and C# after start of trill, then shift left thumb to C key":

    Eb                       Eb
x x x | x x o F        x tr tr | x x o F
 a c#                  c

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