F3-Ab3. Cooper, L. Hugh. The Double Reed 1/2 (October 1978): 13.

o  o  o  | o o o
 c-tr a-tr

F3-Ab3. Corey, Gerald. The Double Reed 1/2 (October 1978): 12. Start F3 with L. H. little finger whisper key [or on bassoons without this use the whisper key lock--T. B. E.], R. H. cover B and A holes, G key. Trill L. H. C# and A speaker keys, 1/2 E hole, and D and C holes together.


o o o | x x x      /-tr  tr  tr  |  x  x  x
   w(lock)         a-tr c#-tr w(lock)

F3-Ab3. Reid, John W. The Double Reed 4/3 (December 1981): 2. Use shake in Cooper p. 132 but add whisper key lock.

o o o | o o o    o o o | o o o
   w(lock)       c a w(lock)

F3-Ab3. Timm, Everett LeRoy. The Woodwinds; Performance and Instructional Techniques. Boston: Allyn and Bacon, 1964, p. 173.

tr tr tr | x x x Ab

tr tr tr |tr tr tr Ab

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