The Double Reed Advertising

IDRS publishes four magazines annually containing news and articles of interest to oboists and bassoonists. The readership consists of amateurs, students, educators and professional musicians. The issues are mailed to over 2700 members and institutional subscribers in more than 55 countries. Approximately 80% of the members/ subscribers reside in the United States and Canada with the remainder all across the globe.

Ad Submission Deadlines:

Issue 1: February 10
Issue 2: May 10
Issue 3: August 10
Issue 4: November 10

Approximate mailing dates

Issue 1: March
Issue 2: June
Issue 3: September
Issue 4: December


Short Term Advertisements are ads for which the advertiser orders a specific number of insertions. PAYMENT IN FULL MUST ACCOMPANY SUCH AD ORDERS. Educational institutions may submit payment or a purchase order with the mechanicals. Payment terms for such institutions is NET 30 days from invoice date.

Continuing Contract Advertisements are ads placed without time limitation until cancelled in writing. Such ads will be billed after the publication of each issue and will qualify for an 5% cash discount for payment made within 30 days of invoice date. The ad may be changed and additional short-term ads of the same or smaller size may be ordered and also qualify for annual billing terms as long as the largest ad size continues without interruption in every issue.


Ads for submission must be high quality PDF files with all fonts embedded, 300 pixels per inch resolution, and CMYK or grayscale color space. Any deviation from these requirements will result in the loss of quality. We will not be responsible for the results if these requirements are not met. Advertisements requiring typesetting or composition are subject to a 30% surcharge. Proofs cannot be submitted for approval. IDRS cannot accept responsibility for typographical errors.

Please submit all artwork, ad insertion orders,
and inquiries to:

Frank Swann – Advertising Coordinator
Phone: (310) 849-1745
Email: swann@idrs.org

Visa and Mastercard accepted. PayPal payments can be accepted by request. Remit payment to IDRS in USD free of charges to the payee. All checks should be drawn on a US bank in US dollars.

Send payment to:
International Double Reed Society
P.O. Box 199
Polk City, IA 50266

2023 Ad Rates

Ad Rates 2023

† If a specific advertisement contains deadlines or dated information, please contact the IDRS advertising coordinator to inquire about the timeliness of the upcoming issue.

* Rates apply only to IDRS members who maintain membership at Business, Donor, Patron or Benefactor level.