Instrument Makers Record List

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Country Maker Status Instruments modern Historical replicas Bocals
A Morton Oboe
Germany Adler Sonora active manufacturer Bassoon
Czech Republic Amati active manufacturer Bassoon
Italy Amati Oboe
Germany Ambassador, made by Kreul Oboe
Germany Armin (?) inactive Bassoon
USA Armstrong active manufacturer (Linton; Linton was bought by Armstrong now a part of Conn/UMI) Bassoon
United States Armstrong Oboe
USA Artley active manufacturer (now also a Conn/UMI brand name) Bassoon
Backofen Oboe
Canada Bell active manufacturer Bassoon
USA Berdon (Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
Beukers Oboe
Bland & Weller Oboe
Great Britain Bland & Weller Oboe
Great Britain Boosey & Hawkes Oboe
UK Boosey & Hawkes (originally manufactured some of their own since ca. 1980 parent company and distributor ofSchreiber) Bassoon
Italy Brod Oboe
Buescher Oboe
Italy Buffet Crampon active manufacturer Oboe
France Buffet Crampon (French bassoons) active manufacturer Bassoon
Bulgheroni Oboe
Cabart Oboe
France Cabart (both French and German bassoons) Bassoon
Italy Chassarini active manufacturer? Bassoon