Instrument Makers Record List

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Country Maker Status Instruments modern Historical replicas Bocals
Czech Republic Kohlert (originally in MoraviaCzech Republic then in Germany) (now Moosman) (The Kohlert name now owned by a company in China) Bassoon
France Cabart (both French and German bassoons) Bassoon
UK Boosey & Hawkes (originally manufactured some of their own since ca. 1980 parent company and distributor ofSchreiber) Bassoon
Italy Amati Oboe
United States Armstrong Oboe
Germany Ambassador, made by Kreul Oboe
A Morton Oboe
Bland & Weller Oboe
Beukers Oboe
Great Britain Bland & Weller Oboe
Great Britain Boosey & Hawkes Oboe
Italy Brod Oboe
Backofen Oboe
Buescher Oboe
Bulgheroni Oboe
Cabart Oboe
Chauvet Oboe
Chesserini Oboe
Circa Oboe
Covey Oboe
Conn Oboe
Decker Oboe
E Albert Oboe
Excella Oboe
F E Olds, made by Lesher Oboe