Instrument Makers Record List

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Country Maker Status Instruments modern Historical replicas Bocals
China Lark active manufacturer Bassoon
China Xinghai (and Alamo) active manufacturer Bassoon
China ( ? Kohlert) inactive Bassoon
Czech Republic Kohlert (originally in MoraviaCzech Republic then in Germany) (now Moosman) (The Kohlert name now owned by a company in China) Bassoon
Czech Republic Amati active manufacturer Bassoon
France Buffet Crampon (French bassoons) active manufacturer Bassoon
France Selmer (French bassoons) active manufacturer Bassoon
France Cabart (both French and German bassoons) Bassoon
Germany Heckel active manufacturer (and Opus) Bassoon
Germany Puchner (plus Puchner/Cooper and Jubilee) active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Moosman active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Adler Sonora active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Schreiber active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Moennig active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Mollenhauer active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Guntram Wolf active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany R. Walter active manufacturer Bassoon
Germany Hueller (former East Germany) inactive Bassoon
Germany "Wunderlich," inactive Bassoon
Germany Zuleger (Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
Germany Penzel-Mueller inactive Bassoon
Germany Armin (?) inactive Bassoon
Germany Meinhart (?) inactive Bassoon
Germany TAM (?) inactive Bassoon
Germany R. Lange (Weisbaden). inactive Bassoon
Italy Chassarini active manufacturer? Bassoon
Japan Yamaha active manufacturer Bassoon
Russia ZDMI (Zavod Duchovich Musikalnich Instrumentov) active manufacturer? Bassoon
UK Soulsby active manufacturer Bassoon
UK Howarth active manufacturer Bassoon
UK Boosey & Hawkes (originally manufactured some of their own since ca. 1980 parent company and distributor ofSchreiber) Bassoon
UK Lafleur (?) inactive Bassoon
USA Fox active manufacturer (and Renard) Bassoon
USA Linton active manufacturer (now operating independently again after the company had been bought by Armstrong and the trade name phased out by them) Bassoon
USA Lesher active manufacturer (now owned by Selmer) Bassoon
USA Armstrong active manufacturer (Linton; Linton was bought by Armstrong now a part of Conn/UMI) Bassoon
USA Artley active manufacturer (now also a Conn/UMI brand name) Bassoon
USA R. W. MacGibbon inactive Bassoon
USA Polisi (Kohlert) inactive Bassoon
USA Kroner/Cooper (Adler) inactive Bassoon
USA Mirafone (Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
USA Conn (Lesher some early ones by Fox. Riedl and Kohlert but a few were made by Conn) inactive Bassoon
USA King (Amati and/or Kohlert) inactive Bassoon
USA Selmer/Signet/Bundy (Lesher but they originally made some of their own then bought Lesher) inactive Bassoon
USA Guy Humphrey (Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
USA Berdon (Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
USA Ponte (Chasserini a few possibly by Schreiber) inactive Bassoon
Nationality or actual manufacturer unconfirmed La Sete inactive Bassoon
Nationality or actual manufacturer unconfirmed Rene Duval inactive Bassoon
Nationality or actual manufacturer unconfirmed Romaine Braude (maybe Kohlert) inactive Bassoon