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First Name: Norman
Last Name: Herzberg
Bio: Norman Herzberg's nearly 40 years of teaching at the University of Southern California produced an enormous number of excellent performers and teachers of the bassoon. Moreover, his bassoon playing in hundred of movies, television shows, and cartoons have helped raise the standard of bassoon playing in this country to always greater levels of excellence. (Just one example is the original sound track from West Side Story with the bassoon solo going up to "f" above the Rite of Spring's high "d".) From principal bassoon of the St. Louis Symphony in the 1930"s, to recordings with Bruno Walter and the Columbia Symphony, to principal bassoon in the Los Angeles Chamber Orchestra, to Los Angeles studio musician, his career has spanned nearly six decades and his contributions, to both bassoon performance and pedagogy, have been enormous.
Source: Double Reed 21/2 (1998)