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First Name: Louis
Last Name: Skinner
Bio: Louis Skinner (1918-1993) was for generations one of the greatest mentors of bassoon reed-makingin North America. His pupils enjoyed the exceptional advantage of his many different reed models. They are numbered among many of the leading bassoonists of major symphony orchestras today. Lou Skinner's exacting research into more efficient vibrational characteristics of bassoon reeds provided a clear rise in the standard of reedmaker's art in America. After serving in the Coast Guard during World War II, Lou joined the Baltimore Symphony as contrabassoonist until 1951 and began to devote more time to studying and perfecting the art of reedmaking. In the 70"s, he moved to Jonesport, Maine with his beloved Snaggy (Betty Ann). There he welcomed numerous bassoonists who came to Jonesport to study his refined art of reedmaking until his death on July 27, 1993, which occurred in Jonesport while the Society was meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota on that date. The bassoon world misses this great pioneer.
Source: Double Reed 21/2 (1998)