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First Name: Simon
Last Name: Kovar
Bio: Simon Kovar (1890-1970) was probably the best known teacher of the bassoon in America during his active career and the guiding hand behind many distinguished bassoonists. He was author of the famous tutor 24 Daily Exercises for the Bassoon, which masterfully covers a broad range of performance problems and possibilities. He was born in Vilna, Russia, on May 22, 1890, and took up the bassoon at age twenty, after studying the violin for many years. Before coming to America he performed with the Peoples" Opera House in Riga, Latvia. He spent a long career as second bassoonist with the New York Philharmonic, and retired to Encino, California, where he passed away in 1970. His ardent dedication to his students over many years mark him as a unique figure in the development of artistic bassoon playing in the United States. Many of his students went on to become significant figures in American bassoon playing and teaching as well: artists such as Sol Schoenbach, Bernard Garfield, Elias Carmen, Harold Goltzer, Stephen Maxym, Arthur Weisberg, and Norman Herzberg, to name just a few. His significance to the art of bassooning in the United States merits his posthumous election to Honorary Membership in the Society.
Source: Double Reed 21/2 (1998)