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First Name: Maurice
Last Name: Allard
Bio: Maurice Allard was born in Sin-le-Noble (Nord) on March 25, 1923. He first studied at the Douai Conservatory and then at the Paris Conservatoire, winning Second Prize in bassoon in 1939 and First Prize in 1940 at the age of 17. Two years later he first appeared as solo bassoonist in the Concerts Lamoureux and the Concerts Oubradous. In 1949 Allard took First Prize at the Concours International de Genéve. In the same year he was appointed principal bassoon at the Opéra, a position he retained until retiring on July 16, 1983. He succeeded his teacher, Gustave Dhérin, as bassoon professor at the Conservatoire in 1957. In 1975 Allard founded and is currently president of Les Amis du Basson Français, an organization devoted to promoting the French bassoon. Allard has also writted a Méthode de Basson (Billaudot, 1976), a collection of 30 solos entitled Courtes piéces dans tous les tons (Billaudot, 1975), and some study material called Tablature, trilles, gammes diatoniques et Chromatiques pour le Basson (Billaudot, 1974). Among the many works written for Allard, those by Bitsch, Gotkovsky, Jolivet, Rivier, Tomasi, and Vaubourgoin have been used as concours solos. [Biography reprinted from The Paris Conservatoire and the Contest Solos for Bassoon, by Kristine K. Fletcher, 1988 Indiana University Press, pp. 35-36.]
Source: Double Reed 21/2 (1998)