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First Name: Fernand
Last Name: Oubradous
Bio: French bassoonist Fernand Oubradous (1903-1986) was awarded an honorary member of the IDRS at the Conference in Graz, Austria, in August, 1984. Long known as one of the pre-eminent performers on the French-system bassoon, Oubradous was interviewed in 1980 by fellow French bassoonist, Jean-Pierre Seguin, and this interview first appeared in the now-defunct journal Le Basson (No. 6, March, 1980) in French. Following his death in January, 1986, Hawaiian bassoonist Philip Gottling translated it, and it was reprinted in the Journal of the International Double Reed Society No. 14, 1986 on pages 18-21.
Source: Journal of the IDRS 26 (1998)