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First Name: Paul Henry
Last Name: Lang
Bio: Paul Henry Lang (1901-1991), reknowned musicologist, music critic, bassoonist, and IDRS Honorary member, died at his home in Lakeville, Connecticut, on Sept. 22, 1991. He was 90 years old. As a pioneer in the field of music, "...he helped determine the shape of musicological discourse in the United States through his writing, his teaching at Columbia University, and as Editor of Musical Quarterly from 1945 to 1973," according to Allan Kozin, whose obituary of Lang appeared in the New York Times. His book, Music in Western Civilization has been the standard music history textbook since its first publishing in 1941. He was also music critic for the New York Herald Tribune from 1954 to 1965 and a regular contributor to High Fidelity and Opus magazines. Born and educated in Budapest, Hungary, he began his career in 1922 as a bassoonist in Budapest orchestras, but soon switched to the study of music history and musicology. The IDRS joins the entire music world in mourning the loss of this most outstanding musician.
Source: Journal of the IDRS 26 (1998)