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First Name: Lyndesay Graham
Last Name: Langwill
Bio: In addition to his long career continuing the family chartered accountancy firm in Edinburgh and his international work for animal protection, Lyndesay Graham Langwill will be remembered with gratitude and affection by the world's bassoonists as well as many music scholars.A life-long interest in the bassoon led him to write the standard history of the instrument, The Bassoon and Contra- bassoon, published in 1964, articles on the bassoon and related instruments for Grove's Dictionary of Music and the Hinrichsen Music Year Books. Of even greater significance was the remarkable achievement in his compilation and private publishing of his Index of Wind Instrument Makers. The first edition appeared in 1960 and was continually updated to the sixth edition in 1980, becoming universally recognized as the authoritative reference work and already known to scholars and librarians simply as Langwill. This monumental work stemmed from true amateur scholarship founded upon typewritten lists circulated among his friends, nearly all of whom were, like himself, founder members of The Galpin Society. He was honorary treasurer of this international society for many years. Last year, he entrusted the future of his Index to Mr. William Waterhouse. Lyndesay Langwill played the contra-bassoon in the Reid Orchestra of Edinburgh University under Sir Donald Tovey and Sydney Newman. He had the distinction of playing in that city's St. Andrew Amateur Orchestra for an unbroken 70 years (starting first on the cello at 16). His home was a point of pilgrimage for the world's bassoonists in Edinburgh for the International Festival since its first years.
Source: The Double Reed 7/2