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First Name: Sol(omon)
Last Name: Schoenbach
Bio: Dr. Schoenbach became solo bassoonist with the Philadelphia Orchestra in 1937 and has served as Executive Director of the Settlement Music School since 1957. He earned an honorary doctorate from the Curtis Institute of Music in 1969, and from Temple University in 1971 for his work with the Temple College of Music. Dr. Schoenbach has received the Hartman Kuhn Award from the Philadelphia Orchestra for his role in organizing the Pension Fund; the Music Award of the Philadelphia Art/Alliance Medal of Achievement; the Mario Lanza Award; Young Audiences Award for Outstanding Service in Arts Education to Youth; and the Celebrations and Fulfillment Award, presented by the American Foundation for the Science of Creative Intelligence. Governor Scranton appointed him to the first Pennsylvania Council on the Arts. As Director of the Settlement Music School, Dr. Schoenbach improved the facilities and brought the enrollment to a total of 3000 with a faculty of 150. Special grants were obtained for the purpose of bringing musical instruction to the North Philadelphia Hartranft area and to the Philadelphia prisons. He was also responsible for a Ford Foundation instructional program for instrumentalists from the All-Philadelphia Senior High School Orchestra. Dr. Schoenbach has written many significant articles of general interest in the field of music and music education. He has been a principal participant since 1966 in the Marlboro Music Festival, the Sarasota-based New College Music Festival in Florida and the Bach Festival in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He serves on the board of The National Guild of Community Schools of the Arts and was invited to be a judge in the International Bassoon Competition held in Munich in 1975. He has been on the faculty of the Curtis Institute of Music since 1943 and has many students throughout the world.
Source: Double Reed 21/1 (1998)