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First Name: Heiko
Last Name: Dechert
Bio: Heiko Dechert, born July 6, 1953 in Giessen, Hessen, Germany. First instrumental lessons 1964, since 1967 studied bassoon with H. Wiechmann, R. Volk-mann and D. Bode at the Staottheater Giessen. 1969-1974 member of the "Bundesjugendorchester", a youth orchestra of the best young German instrument players, mostly prize-winners of the competition "Jugend musiziert", solo section - bassoon. From 1972-73 joining the German army in the band "Stabsmusikkorps" - brass and symphony orchestra. 1973-76 studied bassoon with Professor Horst Winter at the "Hochschule für Musik" in Frankfurt am Main. 1974 member of the "Junge Deutsche Philharmonie" - the orchestra with the best instrumental students of German universities. 1976 assistant solo-bassoon in Neurnberg with the "Philharmonic Orchestra". Since 1977 member of the "Frankfurter Museumsorchester" at the opera Frankfurt - coordinated solo-bassoon. Teaching bassoon: 1978-80 Musicschool Bad Vilbel. Since 1980 "Hochschule für Musik" in Frankfurt am Main. Joined juries of several national and international competitions. 1991-92 co-founder and first president of the German IDRS. 1992 co-host of the 21st conference of the IDRS in Frankfurt/M. 1991-92 second vice president of the IDRS.
Source: Double Reed 21/1 (1998)