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First Name: Robert
Last Name: Probasco
Bio: ROBERT PROBASCO After teaching oboe, history and theory in the University of Idaho's School of Music for 16 years (1968- 1982), I shifted over to UI's Department of Computer Science, where I"ve taught for the past 16 years. I still dust off my oboe most Julys, to participate in Spokane's Royal Fireworks Concert (thanks, Dave Dutton). While back in Philadelphia for a conference celebrating the 50th anniversary of computing (remember Gary Kasparov defeating Deep Blue in chess"), I attended a concert of the Philadelphia Orchestra in the Academy of music, where I performed with the University of Michigan Symphonic Band 30 years before. One highlight of my musical career was my presentation of my European holograph research at the Lubbock IDRS Congress 1981. I still am planning to release a true version of Beethoven's Opus 87 Trio, now that the music publishing software has matured to the point where I can do the things I want to do. The History of Calculation and Computing course I developed was born from my enjoyment of relating the past to the future. I have also taught many programming courses (ForTran, BASIC, Pascal, C, C++) and many PC applications. On a personal note, our 16-year-old son recently became scuba certified, so he joins me underwater in treks which have taken us to Egypt, Australia, Belize, Mexico and other ports of call. Since I don"t have to practice all summer, or make reeds every weekend, I have time to indulge in hobbies like bridge and travel. But I don"t regret my grounding in the arts - it provided a tremendous springboard for enjoying life. My wife and I celebrated our 30th anniversary last summer.
Source: Double Reed 21/1 (1998)