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First Name: Charles
Last Name: Sirard
Bio: Charles R. Sirard (1911 - 1990) bassoonist. The I.D.R.S. is saddened to report the death of Charles Sirard in Paris, Tennessee, on June 14, 1990. For 28 years, Charles was principal bassoon of the Detroit Symphony, retiring in 1977. Prior to that he was a member of the Pittsburgh Symphony under Fritz Reiner and the CBS Symphony in New York. Charles' many years of service to symphony orchestras will be long remembered. He was, however, also an accomplished soloist. In reviewing a performance of two bassoon concerti many years ago a critic for the Detroit Times wrote the following tribute: It is his normal lot to work in relative obscurity, sprinkling the tones of his instrument like a pungent spice into the mass of orchestra] sound. However, on December 2 he played the solo part in two concertos for bassoon and orchestra with tremendous success. The solo line calls upon the bassoon to run the gamut of its possibilities. Sirard met the test magnificently. In fact, while listening to him play we were obliged to expand considerably our impression of the bassoon's gamut. Also, other portions of great beauty and dignity and Sirard's sensitive, intelligent treatment of these passages provided a stirring revelation of the poignant, ethereal tonal beauty of which the bassoon is capable. Sirard was the bassoonist performing in the popular song "Tears of a Clown" by Smoky Robinson and the Miracles.
Source: IDRS Journal 18 (1990)