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First Name: Ray
Last Name: Pizzi
Bio: Ray Pizzi, woodwind specialist, active in the L.A. music industry for 35 years, performing on numerous movie scores, recordings and concerts with such diverse artists as Frank Zappa, Ravi Shankar, Dizzy Gillespie and Henry Mancini, who composed "Piece for Jazz Bassoon and Orchestra" especially for Ray, His high level of musicianship has garnered him many awards, including: "Most Valuable Player Emeritus," (N.A.R.A.S), "Musician of the Year," (Jazz Podium, Germany), and Grammy nominations. Pizzi, a student of Simon Kovar, is dedicated to bringing today's bassoonist the awareness and experience of the various styles of music the versatile bassoon is capable of rendering. His original compositions, run the gamut of smooth jazz, funk, swing, blues, salsa, and bluegrass. They are melodically expressive, whimsically soulful musical statements, a fresh and vital alternative resource for all bassoonists, as well as increasing real life employment options and work opportunities.
Source: Performer, 11 May 2005