The New Garnier Oboe Method

About This Site

The New Garnier Oboe Method was created by Charles-David Lehrer using the Finale 2000® music notation program from Coda Music. The IDRS site is making available to all members both  the original Finale 2000® files as well as the Adobe® Acrobat PDF files.

The Adobe® Portable Document Format (PDF) is the open de facto standard for electronic document distribution. PDF preserves all of the fonts, formatting, colors, and graphics of the source document. Go to the Adobe site for more information about PDF.

The New Garnier Oboe Method is divided into six sections: 55 Leçons, Six Petits Duos, Six Sonates pour Hautbois et Basse, Six Airs Variés, 18 Études, and Compositions for a Single Oboe. This site organizes each section into a set of ZIP files which can be downloaded to your computer. The ZIP file can then be "unzipped" using one of two programs: WinZip® or Aladdin Systems® Stuffit Expander. Both of these companies make available free evaluation versions of their software. Once expanded, each individual Brod study can be viewed or printed.

To whet your appetite, the Examples section provides several of the studies directly in their PDF format.

Below is a complete listing of the software components required to effectively use The New Garnier Oboe Method.

ZIP files

Get WinZip.

Get Expander from Aladdin Systems.

PDF files

Get Acrobat® Reader.

Finale MUS files

Get Finale 2000 from Coda Music.