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Associate Organizations

Associate Organizations of the International Double Reed Society

IDRS maintains diplomatic relations with other double reed organizations from around the world including the following:

Association Bassons – France | Website

Associação Brasileira de Palhetas Duplas (ABPD) – Brazil| Website

Asian Double Reed Association (ADRA) – Asia | Facebook

Australasian Double Reed Society (ADRS) – Australia | Website

Association Française du Hautbois (AFH)– France | Website

Asociación de Fagotistas y Oboístas de España – Spain | Website

British Double Reed Society (BDRS) – Great Britain | Website

Chinese Association of Bassoon (CAB) – China

Czech Double Reed Association (CSDN) – Czech Republic | Website

FagotNetwerk – The Netherlands | Website

Finnish Double Reed Society – Finland | Website

Gesellschaft der Freunde der Wiener Oboe – Austria | Website

Hoboplatform – The Netherlands | Website

Japan Bassoon Society (JBS) – Japan | Website

Japan Oboe Association (JOA) – Japan | Website

Norwegian Double Reed Society (DOR) – Norway | Website

New Zealand Double Reed Society – New Zealand | Website

Please read the paragraph about IDRS Associate Organizations in the Code of Regulations:

“Section 4. Associate Organization Members. The Society shall maintain a special category of Associate Organization Members for members of recognized double reed organizations outside of the United States. Associate Organization Members’ benefits are limited to a special Society membership rate set by the Board of Directors, which permits attendance at the Society’s annual conferences at member rates, and such other benefits as the Board of Directors may determine”.

Information about IDRS membership for Associate Organizations members:

For more information please contact: Ravi Shankar Viana Domingues, At large – Associate Organizations:

If you are interested in proposing your Double Reed Society to become an Associate Organization of IDRS please ask the main representative (e.g President/ Chair) of the organization to send a letter to the IDRS President, Sarah Roper, The official proposal will be presented to the Board of Directors for approval. The letter of proposal should include detailed information about the organization:

  • History and present situation
  • Constitution and structure of the board and leadership
  • Current membership
  • Activities and benefits of the membership
  • Social media and website links

Watch the Associate Organization Virtual Roundtable Discussion | Recorded Live for the 1st Virtual Symposium on July 31, 2020

Receive a discounted IDRS membership.

Members of Associate Organizations are eligible to receive a discounted IDRS membership rate!


Contact us about becoming an official Associate Organization.

Are you a double reed organization who would like to be one of our Associates? Contact our Associate Organizations At Large board member, Ravi Shankar Viana Domingues.

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