Associate Organizations

Associate Organizations of the International Double Reed Society

IDRS maintains diplomatic relations with other double reed organizations from around the world including the following:

Association Bassons – France | Website

Associação Brasileira de Palhetas Duplas (ABPD) – Brazil| Website

Asian Double Reed Association (ADRA) – Asia | Facebook

Australasian Double Reed Society (ADRS) – Australia | Website

Association Française du Hautbois (AFH)– France | Website

Asociación de Fagotistas y Oboístas de España – Spain | Website

British Double Reed Society (BDRS) – Great Britain | Website

Chinese Association of Bassoon (CAB) – China

FagotNetwerk – The Netherlands | Website

Finnish Double Reed Society – Finland | Website

Gesellschaft der Freunde der Wiener Oboe – Austria | Website

Hoboplatform – The Netherlands | Website

Japan Bassoon Society (JBS) – Japan | Website

Japan Oboe Association (JOA) – Japan | Website

Norwegian Double Reed Society (DOR) – Norway | Website

New Zealand Double Reed Society – New Zealand | Website

Watch the Associate Organization Virtual Roundtable Discussion | Recorded Live for the 1st Virtual Symposium on July 31, 2020

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Contact us about becoming an official Associate Organization.

Are you a double reed organization who would like to be one of our Associates? Contact our Associate Organizations At Large board member, Ravi Shankar Viana Domingues.

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