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Past Conferences

Salaya, Thailand; July 18-22
Mahidol University
Christopher Schaub, Cooper Wright and Kittima Molee, hosts


Boulder, Colorado; July 26-30
University of Colorado Boulder
Peter Cooper and Yoshi Ishikawa, hosts; July 26-31, 2021
International Double Reed Society

Visit the Event Page; July 27-31, 2020
International Double Reed Society

Visit the Event Page

Iowa City, Iowa; June 23-28**
University of Iowa
Benjamin Coelho and Courtney Miller, hosts

**Our 49th annual conference scheduled for June 23-28, 2020 was canceled due to the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic. The IDRS Executive Committee has given the hosts and the University of Iowa School of Music their choice of hosting a future conference.

Tampa, Florida; July 14-18
University of South Florida
Amy Collins and John Kehaya, hosts

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Granada, Spain; August 27 – September 1
Presented by afoes (La Asociación de Fagotistas y Oboístas de España)
José Antonio Masmano and Joaquín Osca, hosts

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Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin, USA); June 20–24
Howard Niblock and Carl Rath, hosts

Columbus State University (Columbus, Georgia, USA); June 26–30
Susan Tomkiewicz and Ron Wirt, hosts

National Olympic Memorial Youth Center (Tokyo, Japan); August 15–19
Hitomi Sugawara, host

New York University (New York City, New York, USA); August 5–9
Matthew Sullivan, host

University of Redlands (Redlands, California, USA); June 25–29
Carolyn Beck and Francisco Castillo, hosts

Miami University (Oxford, Ohio, USA); June 7–11
Andrea Ridilla and Christin Schllinger, hosts

Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona, USA); May 31–June 4
Albie Micklich and Martin Schuring, hosts

The University of Oklahoma (Norman, Oklahoma, USA); June 22–26
Johanna Cox and Carl Rath, hosts

38th Annual Conference
Birmingham Conservatoire (Birmingham, England); July 21–25
Geroge Caird, host

37th Annual Conference
Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah, USA); July 22–26
Geralyn Giovannetti and Christian Smith, hosts

36th Annual Conference
Ithaca College (Ithaca, New York, USA); June 12–16
Lee Goodhew Romm and Paige Morgan, hosts

35th Annual Conference
Ball State University (Muncie, Indiana, USA); July 25–29
Keith Sweger, host

34th Annual Conference
University of Texas at Austin (Austin, Texas, USA); June 4–8
Rebecca Henderson and Kristin Wolfe Jensen, hosts

33rd Annual Conference
Monash University (Melbourne, Australia ); June 29–July 3
Anne Gilby, host

32nd Annual Conference
University of North Carolina at Greensboro (Greensboro, North Carolina, USA); June 17–21
Ashley Barret, Michael Burns, and James Prodan; hosts

31st Annual Conference
Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity (Banff, Alberta , Canada); August 6–10
Marc Fink and Stéphane Lévesque, hosts

30th Annual Conference
West Virginia University (Morgantown, West Virginia, USA); August 7–11
Cynthia Anderson and Terry B. Ewell, hosts

29th Annual Conference
Conservatorio Municipal de Musica, Manuel de Falla (Buenos Aires, Argentina); August 10–14
Andrea Merenzon, host

28th Annual Conference
University of Wisconsin at Madison (Madison, Wisconsin, USA); August 10–14
Marc D Fink, host

27th Annual Conference
Arizona State University (Tempe, Arizona, USA); June 2–6
Jeffrey Lyman and Martin Schuring, hosts

26th Annual Conference
Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois, USA); June 25–29
Robert Barris, host

25th Annual Conference
Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida, USA); June 1–5
Jeffery Keesecker and Eric Ohlsson, hosts

24th Annual Conference
Rotterdam, The Netherlands; August 29–September 2
Koen van Slogeteren, host

23rd Annual Conference
Indiana University (Bloomington, Indiana, USA); August 9–13
Edwin Lacy, host

22nd Annual Conference
University of Minnesota (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA); July 27–31
John Anderson, host

21st Annual Conference
Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst (Frankfurt am Main, Germany); August 11–16
Heiko Dechert, host

20th Annual Conference
Towson State University (Towson, Maryland, USA); August 13–17
Gene Griswald, host

19th Annual Conference
Louisiana State University (Baton Rouge, Louisiana, USA); August 8–11
William Ludwig and Mark Ostoich, hosts

18th Annual Conference
Royal Northern College of Music (Manchester, UK); August 12–17
William Waterhouse, host

17th Annual Conference
University of Victoria (Victoria, British Columbia, Canada); August 8–12
Alexandra Pohran and Philip Young, hosts

16th Annual Conference
University of Nevada at Las Vegas (Las Vegas, Nevada, USA); August 16–19
Yoshiyuki Ishikawa, host

15th Annual Conference
North Carolina School of the Arts (Winston–Salem, North Carolina, USA); August 11–14
John Ellis, host

14th Annual Conference
University of Colorado Boulder (Boulder, Colorado, USA); August 11–14
Robert Olson, host

13th Annual Conference
Graz, Austria; August 11–15
Werner Schulze, host

12th Annual Conference
Florida State University (Tallahassee, Florida, USA); August 14–17
Nancy Fowler and Bill Winstead, hosts

11th Annual Conference
Towson State University (Towson, Maryland, USA); August 15–18
Gene Griswold, host

10th Annual Conference
Texas Tech University (Lubbock, Texas, USA); August 12–15
Richard Meek, host

9th Annual Conference
University of Edinburgh (Edinburgh, Scotland); August 12–15
Michael Tilmouth, host

8th Annual Conference
The Ohio State University (Columbus, Ohio, USA); August 20–22
William Baker and Robert Cochran, hosts

7th Annual Conference
Occidental College (Los Angeles, California, USA); August 12–23
Don Christlieb and Earle Dumler, hosts

6th Annual Conference
University of Evansville (Evansville, Indiana, USA); August 15–17
Ed Lacy, host

5th Annual Conference
University of Toronto (Toronto, Ontario, Canada); August 16-18
Christopher Weait, host

4th Annual Conference
Northwestern University (Evanston, Illinois, USA); August 10–11
Wilbur Simpson, host

3rd Annual Conference
University of Miami (Coral Gables, Florida, USA); June 17–18
Julien Balogh, host

2nd Conference
Augustana College (Sioux Falls, South Dakota, USA); August 20-21
Leland Lillehaug and Richard Rath, hosts

1st Conference
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA); August 1–3
Lewis Hugh Cooper, host

Meeting of the Double Reed International Club
Mid-West Band Master’s Convention (Chicago, Illinois, USA); December 16

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