IDRS Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox International Competition and Young Artist Competition for Bassoon and Oboe

The IDRS sponsors two international competitions for oboe and bassoon that take place each year during its annual conferenece. The Fernand Gillet-Hugo Fox International Competition is for bassoonists and oboists who have not reached their 31st birthday by the date of the final round of the competition and the Young Artist Competition is for those who have not reached their 22nd birthday. Both competitions alternate each year between oboe and bassoon.

Submissions are now open for the 2018 Gillet-Fox Bassoon and 2018 Young Artist Oboe Competitions. Apply Now

Repertoire for the 2018 Gillet-Fox Competition for Bassoon

Repertoire for the 2018 Young Artist Competition for Oboe

Deadline for competitions applications is April 15, 2018.

Competition Videos Available Online


Available to IDRS members is a complete video archive of finalist performances of the Fernand Gillet – Hugo Fox International Competition from 2002 to the present. In addition to the competition videos, there are currently over 200 video segments available comprised of performances, master classes and interviews. All video segments of performances are available to IDRS members only.

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Gillet-Fox Competition Archive

2017 (Oboe) Lawrence University, Appleton, Wisconsin June 23, 2017

Winner: Samuel Bastos, Portugal
Second Prize: Gabriel Pidoux, France
Honorable Mentions: Yurie Aramaki, Claire Brazeau, Andreas Oeste

2016 (Bassoon) Columbus, Georgia, USA. June 26-30, 2016

Winner: Riccardo Terzo, Italy
Second Prize: Nanci Belmont, USA
Honorable Mentions: Quinn Delaney, Francesco Giussani, Michael Kaulartz

2015 (Oboe) Tokyo, Japan. August 15-19, 2015

Winner: Sergio Sanchez, Venezuela
Second Prize: Bunkichi Arakawa, Japan
Honorable Mentions: Stuart Breczinski, Andrew Kawai, Huijing Xu

2014 (Bassoon): New York, New York, USA August 5-9, 2014

Winner: Sebastian Stevensson
Second Prize: Mathis Kaspar Stier
Honorable Mentions: Dana Jackson, Michael Kaulartz, Miles Maner

2013 (Oboe): Redlands, CA, USA June 25-29, 2013

Winner: Winner: Lin Qing, China
Second Prize: Johannes Grosso, France
Honorable Mentions: Nir Gavrieli, Friederike Hulman, James Jihyun Kim

2012 (Bassoon): Oxford, Ohio, USA July 7-11, 2012

Winner: Katarzyna Zdybel, Poland
Second Prize: Amanda Swain, US
Honorable Mentions: Bogdan Dumitriu, Ingrid Hagan, Laura Miller

2011 (Oboe): Tempe, Arizona, USA July 7-11, 2012

Winner: Emmanuel Laville
Second Prize: Elizabeth Priestly Siffert
Honorable Mentions: Jung Choi, Erica Cice, Risa Soejima

2010 (Bassoon): Norman, Oklahoma USA June 22–26, 2010

Winner: Philipp Zeller, Germany
Second place: Sophie Dartigalongue, France
Honorable Mentions (in alphabetical order): Constantin Barcov, Romania; Emily Hultmark, England/Sweden; Fei Xie, China/USA

2009 (Oboe): Birmingham, England July 21-25, 2009

Winner: Philippe Tondre, France
Second place: Christopher Bowman, Netherlands
Third place: Lin Qing, China
Honerable mentions: Jung Choi, Korea; Heather Peyton, USA

2008 (Bassoon): Provo, Utah USA July 22–26, 2008

Winner: Rodion Tolmachev, Russia
Second place: Bram van Sambeek, Netherlands
Third place: Dean Woody, USA
Honerable mentions: Guilhaume Santana, France; Samantha Brenner, USA

2007 (Oboe): Ithaca, New York, USA - June 12-16

Winner: Jeffrey Stephenson, USA
Second place: Andrea Overturf, USA
Honerable mentions: Pierre-Antoine Escoffier, Spain; Petar Hristov, Germany; Bethany Slater, USA

2006 (Bassoon): Muncie, Indiana, USA - July 28

Winner: Bence Boganyi, Germany
Second place: Fredrik Ekdahl, Sweden
Honerable mentions: Rian Craypo, USA; Harrison Hollingsworth; Samue Retaillaud

2005 (Oboe): Austin, Texas, USA - June 4-8

Winner: Florent Charreyre, France
Second place: Nicolas Cock-Vassiliou
Honerable mentions: Leanna Booze, USA; Celine Moinet, France; Min Kyu Yoon, Germany; Samue Retaillaud

2004 (Bassoon): Melbourne, Australia - June 29 - July 3

Winner: Vaclav Vonasek, Czech Republic
Runner-up: Adrian Morejon, USA
Honerable mentions: Rian Craypo, USA; Elisabeth Kissel, France; Jian Huang, China

2003 (Oboe): Greensboro, North Carolina, USA - June 20

Winner: Kathleen Needleman
Runner-up: Liang Wang
Honerable mentions: Celeste Johnson, Elizabeth Priestly, Samue Retaillaud

2002 (Bassoon): Alberta, Canada - August 9

Winner: Gaëlle Habert, France
Second place: Dean Woody, USA
Honerable mentions: Cécile Hardouin, France; Alejandro Vieira, USA; Bryan Young, USA

2001 (Oboe): Morgantown, West Virginia, USA - August 7-11

Winner: Eugene Izotov, Russia
Second Prize: Rosemary Yiameos. Greece
Honorable Mention: Jonna Jämsä, Finland; Celeste Johnson. USA; Lucas Navarro, Spain

2000 (Bassoon): Buenos Aires, Argentina August 10-14

Winner: Julien Hardy, France
Second Prize: Marc Trenel, France
Honorable Mention: Fabio Cury, Brazil; Gianluca Saccomani, Italy; Dmitry Arseniev, Russia

1999 (Oboe): Morgantown, West Virginia, USA - August 7-11

Winner: Alexandre Gattet, Paris, France
Second place: Frederic Tardy, France and Eugene Izotov, USA
Honerable mentions: Zheng Huang, USA; Rosemary Yiameos, USA

1998 (Bassoon): Arizona State University, USA - June 2 - 6

Winner: Diego Chenna, Italy
Second Place: Sarah Warner, Australia
Honerable mentions: Selim Aykal, Germany; Arthur Menrath, France; Otto Virtanen, Finland

1997 (Oboe): Northwestern University, USA, June 25-29

Winner: Jana Brozkova of Prague, Czech Republic
Second Place: Katherine Needleman USA
Honorable Mention: Tong Cui, USA
Runner-up: Dudu Carmel, Israel; Irina Dopont, France