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IDRS Member Sponsorships

Since 1995, members of IDRS have donated memberships to double reed players from around the world through its Sponsor-a-Member program.

Applying for Sponsorship

IDRS recognizes that some have personal circumstances that can make the financial obligations of membership difficult. The Sponsor-a-Member program pairs sponsors with recipients to subsidize the cost of joining IDRS. As a sponsored member, your annual membership fee is paid in full by a donation.

Membership Resources

IDRS members enjoy access to the full suite of benefits, including member-only online content (including decades of videos), a subscription to our quarterly publication The Double Reed, conference membership rates, a Member Directory, the monthly e-newsletter, and more!

Sponsor-a-Member Recipient Application

Interested in becoming a sponsored member? Fill out the recipient application to get started!

Sponsoring a Member

Sponsors help to build a stronger, more vibrant future for IDRS.

Your donation creates access for hard-to-reach segments of the double reed community by reducing financial obstacles to membership. By providing a pathway to quality, professional resources, your contribution is an investment in a more inclusive and diverse community.

Sponsorship allows you to expand your impact as a member of IDRS though increased participation, relationship-building, and connection with the emerging generation of double reed players.

Sponsor-a-Member Sponsorship Form

Complete the sponsorship form to make your contribution- sponsoring a member is a gift that lasts throughout the year!

Sponsor-a-Member Contact

Any questions can be directed to Alba Moreno Serrano: