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Established in December 1971, the International Double Reed Society (oboe and bassoon family), is a member-based organization made up of professional double reed players, amateurs, hobbyists, university/college instructors, music teachers, institutions, instrument manufacturers, double reed product retailers, reed makers, and enthusiasts. The society has over 3,000 members from 56 countries. Learn more about IDRS.

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Featured 2020 Iowa Artists

IDRS 1st Virtual Symposium | July 27-31, 2020

The Double Reed Vol. 43 No. 2 has been made public in its entirety until August 17th as part of the events taking place on idrs.org for our 1st Virtual Symposium.

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James Dean Mackey and his Boehm-System Bassoon

Will Peebles | Cullowhee, North Carolina

The bassoon collection of the late K. David Van Hoesen (1926-2016), professor of bassoon at the Eastman School of Music, included an enigmatic Boehm-influenced bassoon (Fig. 1).2 The only identifying marks are an engraved name of Mackey and the date 1935 (Fig. 2), two small plates that identify it as being in Ef , and a rectangular label reminiscent of a bumper sticker with the legend: “Experimental Bassoon/Started in 1935/Finished in 1964?” Inside the case is a fingering chart printed on photographic paper titled “Bassoon E.Flat Boehm System.” Who was this Mackey and how did he come to make this unusual instrument?

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