2022 Boulder Colorado

IDRS 51st Conference
University of Colorado Boulder, College of Music
July 26-30, 2022

Join hosts Yoshi Ishikawa and Peter Cooper at the University of Colorado Boulder, College of Music for the 51st IDRS Conference. World-class artists and pedagogues from around the globe will assemble in Boulder to present five-days of performances, masterclasses, lectures, and exhibits.

Events will be held at the central campus of the University of Colorado Boulder, in the Imig Music Building’s new $57-million, 64,000-square-foot addition, the historic 2,000-seat Macky Auditorium, and the University Memorial Center’s 10,000-square-foot exhibit hall.

2022 Conference Links

General Registration | Housing | Events

Visit idrs2022.org

Register for our upcoming 51st annual conference and learn more about lodging options, travel recommendations, transportation, schedule of events, and browse artist bios.

Exhibitor Registration

Click here to learn more about attending as a vendor and to register as an exhibitor for the 51st conference in Boulder, CO.

2022 Masterclasses

The Conference Artistic Committee will be selecting the students for the masterclasses starting on May 1st onwards. The results will be announced after May 15th. The application period has closed. Announcements of the selection will be May 15th onwards.

2022 IDRS Baroque Band

Based on the success of similar bands in Birmingham in 2009, and New York in 2014, the IDRS Baroque Band will bring ceremonial and festive flair in the form of a fanfare before the final evening concert. Click to learn more about the IDRS baroque band and view scheduling details.

2022 IDRS Reading Groups

IDRS reading groups are fun and stress-free sight-reading sessions that have been a regular part of the IDRS Conference since 1999. Each group consists of 2-16 different parts with music pulled from a library of almost 900 double reed ensembles. Sessions will take place daily and can be attended as often or as little as you wish. Click to learn more about reading sessions and view the 2022 schedule.

2022 Student Grants & Scholarships

Must be a current IDRS member. If you are not, you may join here.

2022 IDRS Student Conference Scholarship

The IDRS Student Conference Scholarship covers conference registration, student accommodation lodging for the duration of the conference, and airfare reimbursement. If the student has already registered for the 2022 conference, these fees will be reimbursed. Click here for information on the grant recipients for the IDRS Student Conference Scholarship.

2022 Dorothy Nielsen Conference Sponsorship

This sponsorship is for a free student level 5-day pass to the 2022 IDRS conference in Boulder, Colorado. Travel and housing are not included. If the student has already registered for the 2022 conference, these fees will be reimbursed.Click here for information on the grant recipients for the Dorothy Nielsen Conference Sponsorship.

Contact Information

Conference questions about events, registration and housing: info@idrs2022.org

Questions about the IDRS Baroque Band:
2022 IDRS BB Coordinators
Jeanine Krause, krause@idrs.org
Geoffrey Burgess, burgess@idrs.org

Questions about the IDRS Student Scholarship/Grants:
Grants Coordinator
Jacqui Wilson, wilson@idrs.org

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