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Publication Submission Guidelines

Article Submission Guidelines

  • Please submit articles, news of interest, obituaries, and other items to be considered for print via the “Submit an Article or News to the Double Reed” button found at the top of this page.
  • For questions concerning bassoon-related articles, email Ryan Romine at
  • For questions concerning oboe-related articles, email Geoffrey Burgess at
  • There is no length limitation, though the editors may later request/suggest cuts.
  • Research and analysis-based articles should be the author’s own original work, and
    present fresh perspectives on topics of pertinence to the Society’s membership.
  • The journal is also interested to receive writing that focuses on practical advice and
    personal reflections on double-reed–related topics.
  • Submissions that further the Society’s commitment to championing and celebrating
    diversity, equality, and inclusion in the worldwide double-reed community are
    particularly welcome.
  • The preferred file format is .doc or .docx.
  • Articles in English should use American English spellings, except in quotations where other forms of English were originally used.
  • All quoted material should be documented in endnotes. Citations should follow the “Notes” portion of the Chicago Manual of Style (NOT the author–date system). For examples, and the basics of the style see the open-access website: A bibliography may prove useful in the editing process, but is not essential, and in most cases will not be printed with the final version of the article.
  • For matters of usage and style specific to music, authors are directed to D. Kern Holoman’s Writing about Music: A Style Sheet 3rd ed. (University of California Press, 2014).
  • Thesis/document/treatise chapters should be adequately introduced and closed so as to stand alone as a journal article.
  • Articles should include the author’s name, location (city, state), a short bio (2-4 sentences), and, when possible, a high-resolution digital photograph of the author.
  • Specific fonts and/or spacing are not required, as articles will be reformatted for printing.
  • Endnotes are preferable to footnotes.
  • Accompanying graphics/photographs should be the highest available resolution.
  • When possible, graphics/photographs should be embedded in the .doc or .docx text file with appropriate captions and notes as to placement. For questions or help troubleshooting issues with graphics/photographs, please email the corresponding editor listed above.
  • Articles submitted via email rather than the online form should be accompanied by a cover letter stating that the material contained in your submission 1) is the author’s original work; 2) has not been previously published in its current form (IDRS does allow articles adapted from academic writing originally published by the originating university so long as that fact is made known); 3) is not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
  • Confirmation of receipt will be sent via email . Authors should expect to be informed of the status of their submission, and be prepared to be involved in the editing process.
  • Quarterly deadlines are for consideration for print in that particular issue . However, authors are encouraged to submit their materials at any time. Submission of materials does not guarantee publication . Submission of materials by a quarterly deadline does not guarantee publication in that edition.
  • The editors reserve the right to edit all articles for style, content, or space requirements.
  • To avoid redundancy, it is recommended that individuals planning to submit materials first do a search of relevant keywords in the archived journals at

Submission of Double Reed Event Reviews

  • Reviews of double reed events (masterclasses, double reed days, etc.) should be submitted as articles via the “Submit an Article or News to the Double Reed” button found at the top of this page.
  • With the exception of major events, reviews of double reed events will be limited to two pages of print, including photographs. One journal page of print (excluding photos) is roughly equivalent to two double spaced pages of Word document print.
  • For questions, email the corresponding editor listed above.

Submission of Obituaries

  • Obituaries can be submitted via the “Submit an Article or News to the Double Reed” button found at the top of this page.
  • The body of the obituary must be 250 words or less.
  • Please include dates of birth and death and one photograph (if desired).
  • Questions can be sent to Geoffrey Burgess (oboe; or Ryan Romine (bassoon;
  • The editors of The Double Reed retain the right to edit submissions for length and content.
  • Longer tributes/remembrances will still be included from time to time, organized by the editors of The Double Reed in consultation with IDRS leadership.

Submission of Oboe and Bassoon News of Interest

  • Oboe and Bassoon news of interest (concerts, upcoming events, etc.) should be submitted via the “Submit an Article or News to the Double Reed” button found at the top of this page.
  • For questions, email IDRS News of Interest Coordinator Jessica Warren at warren@idrs org.

Submission of Tips and Scrapes Material

Tips and ScrapesWe are excited to announce a new section in the Double Reed: Tips and Scrapes: An educational place for players of all levels to engage.
We’ll feature TIPS from experienced players and teachers, as well as some SCRAPES where everyone can contribute on general topics, plus fun activities such as Quizzes and Crosswords. The section is open to all double-reed players – modern, baroque, renaissance – and all levels: beginner, student, avocational, hobbyists, and professionals. We can all learn from each other and at the same time have some fun exchanges!

For submissions, enquiries or suggestions for new topics, please contact: Esther Williams, Tips and Scrapes Coordinator at:

Submission of Recordings and Books for Review

  • Oboe or Bassoon Recordings for Review: Please send information via the submission button at the top of the page.
  • For detailed questions, contact Meghan Woodard (oboe recordings) at or Ryan Reynolds (bassoon recordings) at
  • Oboe or Bassoon Books for Review: send an inquiry to Ryan Romine and Geoffrey Burgess at
  • Submitted materials will not be returned.

Quarterly Deadlines

Issue 1 (Printed on March 1): deadline is January 1
Issue 2 (Printed on June 1): deadline is April 1
Issue 3 (Printed on September 1): deadline is July 1
Issue 4 (Printed on December 1): deadline is October 1

Copyright and Sharing

The IDRS retains all copyright on articles published in the Double Reed journal; however, if requested before publication, authors may retain copyright and it will be noted. Unauthorized sharing on websites or social media of content originally published in The Double Reed is prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, partial/full screenshots of published content, partial/full PDFs of published content, and links to electronic files or web pages containing published content. Reprint/posting rights for print journals or academic websites may be obtained by contacting the editors at The Double Reed. Articles published in The Double Reed may be read digitally by logging into Members may download a PDF of the complete publication, but that PDF is for personal use only and may not be shared online or in any other public context.

The IDRS reserves the right to use any materials it publishes to further the mission and membership goals of the Society, including in advertisements and social media postings.

Republishing Guidelines

IDRS is happy to work with authors to provide republishing permissions for articles originally printed in The Double Reed.

All requests for republishing permissions should be directed to Ryan Romine and Geoffrey Burgess at

  • With permission, the first page of an article may be republished on a personal or professional website, provided that that article links back to, the specific journal URL, or the specific article URL on Further pages of the article will remain available to IDRS members only.
  • With permission, an item may be republished in full if the republishing organization requires membership to receive its print or digital publications.
  • With permission, an item may also be republished in full if the audience is limited to members of an academic institution assigned to review the author’s work.
  • IDRS reserves the right to deny republishing permissions (including in the examples listed above) should the circumstances of republishing conflict with the best interests of the Society, its members, or its stated values.
  • Republishing requests that do not fit any of the above examples will still be given consideration and approved/denied on a case-by-case basis.

Advertisements in IDRS Publications

The International Double Reed Society sells advertising space in The Double Reed to individuals, institutions, and businesses for payment of the current advertising rates. The Society does not attempt to verify the accuracy or reliability of any advertising claims made herein, and thus the IDRS does not recommend or endorse any of the products, businesses, or services advertised in the advertising section. Please contact the IDRS Advertising Coordinator, Dana Brink at for advertising information (see inside front cover for mailing address).


When available, back-issues of The Double Reed are available for purchase. For price and mailing information, please contact the membership coordinator at

The Use of the IDRS Trademarks

The logo and the seal of the International Double Reed Society are the exclusive property of the Society and may not be reproduced or used without written permission. The Society will permit the use of logo or seal only if used in conjunction with an official application for membership in IDRS and not used in a manner that may give the casual reader the appearance of an endorsement by IDRS of the person, entity, or product associated with such reproduction. Prospective users must obtain permission in writing and submit a press proof of the proposed printed item in advance of publication. Please direct inquiries to IDRS At-Large (Business) executive committee member, Cynthia Hanson at