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Master Class Application 2024

IDRS 53rd annual Conference 2024 Flagstaff, AZ – Northern Arizona University July 21–25

2024 Flagstaff Masterclass Application

Application Requirements

  • The Conference Artistic Committee will be selecting the students for the masterclasses April 1, 2024 onwards.
  • The results will be announced April 10, 2024 onwards.
  • For more information about the masterclasses, please write to the hosts:

Masterclass Information


Euridice Alvarez: Oboe Sonatas and Concertos from 1750 to present
Peter Cooper:Two of the Biggest Oboe Audition Excerpts: La Scala di Seta and Tombeau de Couperin
Gordon Hunt: Orchestral Solos
Jennet Ingle:Our Artistry Matters: A Masterclass for Adult Amateurs
Nermis Mieses:Open Repertoire
Adam Shapiro:Baroque Oboe Style for Modern Oboe Players


Glenn Einschlag: Second Bassoon excerpts from a Principal Bassoonist’s Perspective
Gina Moore: “Your Story: Recentering Personal Narratives during Warm-ups and Practicing”
Ben Roidl-Ward: Demystifying Contemporary Bassoon Repertoire
Ann Shoemaker: Open Repertoire
Jacqueline Wilson: Works for the Bassoon by Composers who are Black, Indigenous, and Persons of Color


Steven Braunstein, Contrabassoon Orchestral excerpts