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*So you want to play chamber music online…

So you want to play chamber music online…

Ron Cohen Mann, oboe

Keith Sorrels, oboe

Rachel Becker, oboe

Long-distance collaborations aren’t new, and neither are apps designed to make multi-track syncing easy. Still, in the past year, long-distance collaborations have become a primary means of chamber-music-making for many players – one that college students and professionals may now be expected to master. But say you’ve messaged a player you know only through social media. What next? How do you negotiate repertoire, interpretation, nuance, or even choosing parts? How do you create sensitive, flexible chamber music through asynchronous recording? Can you take your collaboration from a one-off novelty into an in-person performance? How do you find a good fit and make it stick when you’re accountable only to yourselves? In this lecture recital, Reeding Rainbow will walk you through the different kinds of artistic negotiations that arise in these situations; talk about software, hardware, and budget impacts; and demonstrate potentials and approaches in virtual and in-person collaboration.