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Regional Ballot Midnorth

Thank you for taking part in the process to elect new leadership for the Midnorth Chapter of IDRS. All nominated candidates appear on the ballot below.

Candidates for Regional Officers

Ariel Detwiler


My dream is to help create more opportunities to access fun events, find great resources, and meet wonderful people in the double reed community. As a member of the board, I will work with my peers to create events all across the region by applying for state arts grants, creating unique fundraising opportunities, and bringing my own experience in event planning to the table. As a small business owner, I will help fundraise for our chapter through fellow businesses in our region. Some of my ideas for new events are inspired by the IDRS conference itself– community bassoon ensemble reading events, reed making classes with esteemed teachers, community recitals for all levels, masterclasses with local professionals, workshops designed for oboists, bassoonists, band directors, or all of the above, a regional newsletter that features members and upcoming events, and competition(s) for musicians of any age. I would be honored to serve and create new events for the double reed community.

Abby Yeakle Held

Vice President

When the creation of regional chapters was announced, I was incredibly excited. As someone living outside the “Midwest Double Reed Society,” I was always envious of the community and bond they had amongst their membership. I would even daydream about creating a “Great Lakes Double Reed Society” for all states with Great Lakes coastline. Luckily, the IDRS was a few steps ahead of me, and I’m so pleased to see the creation of regional chapters for all.

I’m nominating myself for Vice President of the Midnorth Regional Chapter, because I’m passionate about contributing to the IDRS through service and leadership in an impactful way. I am especially interested to help plan any regional meetings, events, or conferences and believe that my home campus of The Ohio State University would be a wonderful location for any such possibilities. In the fall of ’22, Ohio State opened the doors of our brand-new Timashev Family Music Building, which is a beautiful and accommodating facility.

David Cyzak


Supporting the growth of our double reed community is at the core of my professional and personal life. Rooted in the Midnorth, I grew up in Wisconsin, obtained a BM in Ohio, a DMA in Illinois, and now serve as the Oboe Professor at the University of Iowa. While I teach and perform Oboe and English Horn professionally, I also love playing and teaching the Bassoon—I advocate for our community with a heart full of passion for both Bassoon and Oboe interests. In seeking office, I look to help students have access to quality information and equipment by maximizing the impact we can have through social media and Midnorth conferences. I’ll endeavor to further connections across our region’s network of ensemble directors, private instructors, professional performers, and contributors to our industry’s success. With a servant-leader focus, I work with an open heart to foster a caring, supportive community that works to grow generations of happy double reed players and double reed fans.

Lindsay Flowers


I have enjoyed becoming involved with the IDRS over the past few years! I have been a member of the IDRS since high school, but then when finances were tight during and after college, my membership dropped. Only recently has my financial situation allowed for me to afford the luxuries such as association memberships. It is my passion to be able to make IDRS events and membership accessible to the young oboists through growing our sponsorship program at the regional level. Being a board member would allow me to take responsibility in progressing this initiative. One of my students in Nairobi, Africa applied for the conference scholarship this summer. How awesome it would be to meet them in person! IDRS truly brings people together and makes a differences in equitable ways, and I am excited to grow our regional community. Even if I do not get elected to the board, I am stoked to attend our new double reed events in the region! Happy to serve in any needed capacity!

Lindabeth Binkley

Communications Officer

I would greatly enjoy facilitating more connection between the double reed players in this region, increasing member engagement with IDRS, and utilizing the chapter to promote educational opportunities such as master classes, reed making work sessions, and mini-conferences amongst collegiate, professional, and amateur players in my region. I would also enjoy figuring out how a regional chapter could develop support services for middle & high school instrumental directors that would offer support to young and emerging players, thereby removing or lessening financial barriers which prevent low socioeconomic students from pursuing and/or achieving success on the oboe or bassoon. Lastly, I am a great “idea” person with lots of experience in recruitment, administration, and facilitation. I would enjoy the opportunity to utilize these skills in the IDRS, especially through this new initiative.

Brandon Barnett

Education Coordinator

I am excited to put myself forward as a candidate for the Midnorth Regional Chapter board. Being both a bassoonist and educator in Indiana, I have a strong passion for building meaningful relationships and fostering connections within my community. Through my experience as a performer, educator, and advocate for the arts in all capacities, I want to be a part of developing great ideas for the region and just to also be a support for others within the region. I am committed to applying my skills to their fullest potential as a board member and to support the growth and vibrancy of the chapter and hopefully to help it grow as best as it can.

Jillian Kouzel

Event Coordinator

As an Assistant Professor of Oboe at Illinois State University and a Performing Arts in Medicine Ambassador, I offer a multifaceted perspective to the International Double Reed Society. My journey in overcoming focal dystonia grants me firsthand insight into musician’s health and injury prevention, fueling my commitment to holistic wellness while instilling in me a profound amount of empathy for the challenges musicians face regularly. Additionally, I actively commission new works across various instrumental combinations, enriching the repertoire for double reed players. My dedication to diversity extends to promoting underrepresented composers, fostering inclusivity within our community, and establishing collaborative relationships across different disciplines and fields of study. With strong organizational skills and a collaborative spirit, I’m poised to advance IDRS’s goals and advocate for its members as a Regional Board Member.


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