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Richard Plaster Reed Collection 33 (1944-45)
Reed Number:33
Description:Charles Sirard recommended that I get reeds from Ferdinand Del Negro, contrabassoonist of the Philadelphia orchestra. These reeds are two of the six that came, at $1.50 each, the price of an ordinary music store reed, and these were excellent. Two of them I was able to use just as they were. Two I was able to use after some breaking in, but two were too heavy and I never used, unwilling to scrape them and perhaps ruin them. Foolishly I threw away the ones I had used, but these two are representative, and they required only a few scrapes in the (channels) to make them play 30 years later. Giving me these treasured examples and mementos of a fine reed maker and teacher (Walt and Ruggiero)
Maker:Del Negro
Reference:Richard Plaster
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