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Richard Plaster Reed Collection 43 (1975)
Reed Number:43
Description:Clarence Barrington's normal Pezzi blank was made 12/26/75 at Larry Lajmer's house on River St. in Mattapan. Barrington sold Larry the machine which Clarence had used in his reed business wince World War II. It was hoped that Larrry and I could sell these blanks to Sherman Walt, and Walt took some of them and finished this one as you see. It required too much finishing, and Walt was not interested. Among other things, the butts leaked (note the 4th wire). Pezzi's reed in the collection looks as if he did more soaking, wrapping, maybe hot mandrel. I tried notches, leading to the discovery of the need for notches to control the shape of the tube.
Maker:Clarence Barrington
Reference:Richard Plaster
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