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Stolen Instrument Report:

Instrument Information

Instrument: Patched Pre-War Heckel CC2 Bocal
Serial Number: n/a
Comments: Patched pre-war heckel CC2 bocal. I was sending it out via UPS to have the repair redone by Robert Jordan after noting what I believed to be the line of the seam extending past the patch. The bocal still sealed at that point. I have photos of the bocal showing the patch from different angles from when I purchased it from Charles Double Reed winter 2020. The seam line extends towards the tip 3-4 inches as of when I last saw it. I have multiple photos that were taken by Brian Charles in 2020 that show the patch. I can supply those on request.

Owner Information

Street Address: 40 Hayden Rd
City: Hollis
State: NH
Country: USA
Phone: 603-943-4935

Incident Information

Date Stolen: 20220803
Stolen From: Stolen either from local UPS Store or the local UPS depot. It could be "lost" but it's been a week. I'm posting everywhere in case it does show up again. The shipment had been "misrouted" twice, at which point I requested a return to sender. For whatever reason UPS store had it returned to them. It was signature required for delivery, and UPS did get a signature from one of the UPS store employees. Supposedly it was picked back up as a return to sender that afternoon, but was not scanned.
Recovered: No
Recovery Note: n/a
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