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Stolen Instrument Report:

Instrument Information

Instrument: Heckel Bassoon
Serial Number: 5824
Comments: Bassoon, Heckel #5824, complete with silver plated keys; high D and E keys; right-hand whisper key lock; rollers on F/AbF# (little finger right hand), E/F#, F#/Ab (right thumb), D#/C# (little finger left hand); little finger whisper key; saliva tubes in all holes; two Heckel bocals; case and cover.All wooden sections of this instrument are original and marked with number 3(...).

Owner Information

Street Address: 13318 Wildwood Dr.
City: Tomball
State: TX 77375
Country: USA
Phone: 281-255-4539

Incident Information

Date Stolen: 20070810
Stolen From: Stolen during a house burglary.
Recovered: Yes
Recovery Note: August 24, 2007
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