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Fixing the Third Party Cookie Notification

If you receive the message “You have set your browser to not allow third party cookies”, use may one of the following methods to log in.

Browsers are continuously being updated and we implement new settings on our website on a regular basis. Safari and iOS recently released a new version that automatically turns on certain cookie settings. While we wait for a solution to become available, there are several options to work around the issue.

This currently only applies to Safari and iOS users. You may use the methods below to login using Safari, or download an alternative browser such as Chrome for Mac.

Logging in with Safari and iOS

If you are running the most up to date version of Safari and iOS, you can turn off a setting called “Prevent Cross-Tracking”. Turning off this settings will not compromise your privacy or security while using This setting just affects how Safari interacts with Cookies, which are used to pop open the login area.

Go to the upper left-hand corner and hover over “Safari”, then click “Preferences”.
Make sure “Prevent Cross-Tracking” is turned off. Refresh your login screen and you should see the credentials box.
If this doesn’t work, go to “Safari” and click “About Safari” to check what version you are running. If you aren’t running the most recent version of Safari, you will need to update your browser to the most recent version, or download an alternative browser such as Chrome for Mac.
If you are using an iPhone, you can find this same setting by going to “Settings” and then “Safari”. Once there, you can uncheck “Prevent Cross-Tracking”.

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