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A Justice for All, Trio for Oboe/English horn, Saxophone and Piano and Interations for Oboe/English horn, Narrator and Piano
Lorraine Duso Kitts, oboe; Gail Levinsky, saxophone; Jackie Edwards-Henry, piano; Kevin Browne and Ruthann Curry Browne, narrators; Kazuo Murakami, piano
This performance of two works features the oboe and English horn in a relatively unique chamber setting, featuring saxophone and narrator respectively. The first composition, "A Justice for All" is dedicated to the life work of the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. This performance will be the premiere of Berg's composition. Written in three movements, "Vision," "Diligence," and "Legacy" each gives a sense of her early aspirations, her pursuit of justice, and the magnitude of her life.

The second work, "Iterations" creates an atmosphere around the angular poetry created by Terry Wright. Composed in 2019, each movement is a vignette, painting colors around the text and portrays an overarching musical story. Wright paced the title into the Google search engine and collaged a poem from the prose fragments generated by the search. There is initially a kind of natural heuristic and commonality of material in the first few generated pages.
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