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Alone Together
Rachael Elliott, bassoon
“Alone Together” is an electroacoustic recital of new music for unaccompanied bassoon exploring notions of solitude and community. In this time of isolation and awakening I’ve found solace in playing with a looper, which offers some sense of making music together, while alone.

The program opens with a delightful salsa by Gary Powell Nash, followed by the first of three world premieres, including two new pieces by my bandmate and longtime collaborator, Australian Padma Newsome. Canadian composer Tawnie Olson received a 2021 IDRS “50 for 50” commissioning grant for her work, “Perfectly Logical,” a funky piece for bassoon with delay which takes the bassoon in new directions. I conclude with a meditative caprice by Brad Balliett that invites deep listening of a single, fundamental pitch together with its resultant harmonics and multiphonics.
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