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Clémence de Grandval: Inspired by Georges Gillet
Ann Lemke, oboe
Clémence de Grandval (1828-1907) composed many charming and virtuosic works for oboe and English horn. Surprisingly, although Grandval was highly successful and prolific during her lifetime and a protégé of Saint Saëns, she is hardly known today, even among oboists. She dedicated her Deux Pièces pour Hautbois (Lamento and Scherzo) to the legendary oboist Georges Gillet, and I will perform them in honor of the 100th anniversary of his death. The presentation provides insight into Grandval’s compositional output, her interaction with other famous musicians of her day, and the oboists of our own day who contributed to her rediscovery, including Lajos Lencsés and Laila Storch. This remarkable composer deserves to be more widely known and recognized.

Ann Lemke, oboe
Amanda Sabelhaus, piano

Deux Pièces pour Hautbois, by Clémence de Grandval (1828-1907)

1. Lamento

2. Scherzo
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