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Home-Producing Lock-Down Concerts and Virtual Ensembles
Robin Tropper, oboe
Pre-recorded lecture/demonstration on the process of creating "lock-down concerts" at home. Emphasis is given to free/affordable equipment, easy to learn yet powerful software, sound quality and playful videography. I have presented this previously, as an online workshop with Q&A, and it received high praise from professional orchestral musicians and students alike for helping them maintain a creative presence in social media during Covid restrictions.

Topics covered:
- free powerful software that runs on Windows, MacOS and Linux
- microphone types and layouts
- pre-recorded accompaniment
- multi-track recording
- "mastering" (correcting) sound & audio equipment
- extracting sound from a video
- building a slideshows
- combining multiple sources of sound, video, pictures
- basics of animation
- synchronizing parts from when everyone recorded separately
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