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Modern Reed Trios
Teil Buck, oboe; Dylan Lloyd, clarinet; Jackie Royce, bassoon
Originally Phoenix Down RPG was scheduled to premiere Qingye Wu's new work for Trio D'Anches at the 2020 IDRS conference. While the piece has since been played, we aim to bring international attention to this poignant work by a composer who is currently a Doctoral Candidate at the Cincinnati Conservatory. Additionally, we desire to premiere reed trios by Dr. Allison Ogden and Cambron Little, whose creative and innovative works we want to uphold and share with the greater double reed community. Reed Trio music has a rich history of literature from the early part of the 20th century, yet surprisingly little new music is written for the instrumentation. Phoenix Down RPG is beginning a series of commissions to bring new life to the genre and find new voices in the music world of diverse underrepresented backgrounds. All three composers we seek to represent at this conference are diverse and we fervently desire the opportunity to share these compelling works.
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