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Negus Bassoon Ensemble – Adventures in Black
Negus Ensemble
Negus Ensemble:
Monica Ellis
Shawn Jones
Marlene Ngalissamy
Kai Rocke
Maya Stone
Amber Joy Wyman
Bryan Young

This program explores bassoon ensemble arrangements varied in genre, style, texture and rhythm for different bassoon ensembles. The Negus Ensemble consists of all Professional Black Bassoonists from North America. All compositions performed on the program will be arrangements of music either written by a Black Composer (Samuel Coleridge-Taylor and Stevie Wonder) or performed primarily by a Black Artist (Chaka Kahn- Ain't Nobody, by Hawk Wolinski).

Jessica Wilkins, a Black owner of JDW Sheet Music will compose arrangements of the Coleridge-Taylor music for the ensemble and sell the arrangements at the Conference if the Proposal is accepted. The Wonder and Wolinski pieces have been previously arranged by Amy Wollick.
The word "Negus" means king or ruler and has its roots in Ethiopia. We challenge the current connotation of this word, and embrace its origins as a powerful ensemble descriptor. We are so excited for the potential to bring this program and ensemble to the IDRS community.
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