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Ruminations- World Premiere Works for Solo Oboe and Oboist as Solo Instrumentalist
Alyssa Morris, oboe
"Ruminations" is a program that was imagined in response to the isolation of the Covid-19 pandemic. The following two new works were composed in 2020/ 2021, and are intended to be performed alone.

I. "Chameleon Lament" for oboe and piano, synchronously performed by oboist, by Alyssa Morris (World Premiere)
II. "Ruminations" for solo oboe by Alyssa Morris (World Premiere)

"Chameleon Lament" is a work for solo instrumentalist. The oboist performs both the oboe and piano parts in a single synchronous performance, changing roles throughout the composition as a chameleon changes colors to adapt with its surroundings.

"Ruminations" for solo oboe is meant to express the feeling of obsessive thinking about an idea, especially when it interferes with normal mental functioning. Movements include:

I. Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda
II. Emotions: Masked and Unmasked
III. Enough's Enough
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