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Trio d’anches: Stories and Dreams
Madeline Miller, oboe; Anastasiya Nyzkodub, clarinet; Marta Troicki, bassoon
“Trio d’anches: Stories and Dreams” is a 25-minute concert program created to premiere compositions written for Sonora Winds by two composers: Polish-American woman composer Barbara Jaźwiński, and Polish composer Maciej Małecki. The concert will start with “The Dreams of Vagabond Winds” composed by Jaźwiński. The work is highly virtuosic, exploring idiomatic, coloristic and textural characteristics of the three instruments in different registers and dynamic levels. It is inspired by constantly changing dynamics of human lives as well as the complexities of our current contemporary reality: beauty interspersed with ugliness; tranquility infused with turmoil. This piece will be followed by “Four Stories,” composed by Małecki. This highly spirited, neo-classical composition will take the listener to a very contrasting dimension. The audience will experience elegant, transparent, and folklore-inspired textures in the fast movements and meditative melodies in the slower parts.
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