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Whitney Adams | Navy Band Great Lakes presents Adapting the Standard Woodwind Quintet and Opportunities for the Navy Musician
Whitney Adams
Fair Winds, the woodwind quintet of Navy Band Great Lakes, presents a lecture recital on intertwined topics: Adapting the Standard Woodwind Quintet and Opportunities for the Navy Musician.

Due to transferring personnel, Navy Band Great Lakes found itself without a French horn for Fair Winds. Having excellent arrangers and saxophonists, Fair Winds adapted the instrumentation to substitute saxophone. The program highlights pieces where transposing, instrument ranges, and tonal blending challenges were faced and won without losing the composers’ intent. Fair Winds also showcases the career prospects and emotional connections that they have the honor of creating through music with colleagues and audiences across the U.S. and around the world.

Miniatures - William Grant Still arr. Jason Lesnick and MU3 Jason Paige
II. Adolorido
III. Jesus is a Rock in the Weary Place

Adagio K. 411 – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart arr. MU3 Jason Paige

Phantasy Quintet – Ralph Vaughan Williams arr. Dr. Bryan Guarnuccio
II. Scherzo

Waltz No. 2 – Dmitri Shostakovich arr. By MU3 Jason Paige

Musician First Class Hu Li, bassoon
Musician First Class Matthew Aiello, flute
Musician Third Class Jason Paige, Bb and bass clarinet
Chief Musician Jeremy Saunders, Alto Saxophone
Chief Musician Laura Ringnalda, French Horn
Lieutenant Commander Kelly Cartwright, Introduction
Video Production: Whitney Adams
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