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Dec 21

Message from the President: Elected Board Directors and Happy Holidays

Message from the President:
Elected Board Directors and Happy Holidays

Dear IDRS membership,

I am delighted to inform you that the full slate of the Members At-large has now been ratified by the membership. Thank you to all of those who participated in the ballot this past week. The following members will continue to serve as Directors on the IDRS Board of Directors until the end of 2026:

Members At-large (2024-2026)

Michael DiPietro, At large – Avocational
Ravi Shankar Viana Domingues, At large – Associate Organizations
Monica Ellis, At large – Orchestra/Chamber (bassoon)
Cynthia Hanson, At large – Business
Yiu Song Lam, At large – Orchestra/Chamber (oboe)

According to the Code of Regulations, at the end of 2024 I will be asking the membership to participate in self nominations for the Nominating Committee, followed by elections for the Officers of the Board whose terms are set to expire (Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer). It is expected the current Vice President will become President and the President will become Immediate Past President.

For more information about IDRS leadership please click here:
For more information about the makeup of the Board of Directors please read the IDRS Code of Regulations available on our website:

I would like to close by wishing you all, on behalf of the IDRS Board of Directors, a very Happy Holiday and best wishes for 2024.
We look forward to continuing serving for the Society and sharing double reed experiences with you in the coming year.

Sarah Roper

Thank You 2023